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Eve Taylor Anti-Stress Back Treatment

£40.00 (60 minutes)

This is perfect for those looking for a deeply relaxing treatment and those suffering from muscle or joint pain to the back or shoulder areas. This treatment includes a relaxing Swedish massage to the back, neck & shoulders followed by an application of self-heating hydra-thermal mask to the back, containing seaweed & marine extracts, this will gradually warm up providing a feeling of deep relaxation and helping to ease tension. Whilst the mask is on you will receive a  relaxing Swedish massage to the back of the legs & feet.. The treatment finishes with a deeply moisturising and nourishing body butter. You will be left feeling rested, soothed and pampered.

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Heavenly Hour

£45.00 (60 minutes)

Starting with a hot stone back, neck & shoulder massage with gentle Swedish massage techniques lead onto muscle melting gliding strokes using heated stones to soothe and relax, followed by an Eve Taylor Express Prescriptive Facial tailored to your skin type, this mini facial treatment will refresh the skin with aromatic cleansers then buff away dulling skin cells. A rapidly working masque will infuse the skin with nourishment before hydrating moisturisers protect the skin. This treatment will leave you feeling truly relaxed and pampered.


Relax & Glow Ritual

£45.00 (60 Minutes)

This treatment includes a Salt & Seaweed Scrub with essential oils to the back of the legs & back, this will increase circulation, detoxify & leave the skin smooth, soft & polished. Next a relaxing Swedish massage will be carried out to the back of the legs, back, neck & shoulders. To complete the body part of this treatment an application of a deeply nourishing body butter will be applied to hydrate & seal in moisture. This treatment concludes with a mini-facial to include a deep double cleanse, exfoliation & tone together with an application of serum and moisturiser chosen for your specific skin type/condition. This treatment will leave you feeling relaxed, together with providing soft, smooth & glowing skin.


Serene Escape

£50.00 (1 Hour 10 Minutes)

Combining a deeply relaxing Indian Head Massage working on areas of tension to the top of 
the shoulders, neck, face & scalp, with pressure points including the sinuses, together with an aromatic aromatherapy facial treatment. Relax & switch off on the heated bed with this package. For the facial treatment products are selected for your particular skin type/condition and includes aromatic cleansers to deep cleanse the pores, exfoliation of dulling skin cells, aromatherapy facial oil massage,  facial masque to infuse the skin with moisture whilst receiving a relaxing massage to the décolleté, neck & shoulders. A moisturiser to protect the skin concludes this treatment. The perfect bit of time out just for you. 


Drift Away

(1 Hour 30 minutes) 

£60.00 to include a Swedish back, neck & shoulder massage OR

£70.00 to include a Hot Stone back, neck & shoulder massage

This blissfully relaxing package combines three treatments to help you 'drift away'. Starting
with a choice of either a relaxing Swedish or a muscle melting Hot Stone Back, Neck & Shoulder massage to unwind the mind and soothe the muscles, followed by a deeply relaxing and therapeutic Indian head massage working on the neck, face & scalp to relieve any areas of tension & induce a state of peace & tranquility. This treatment concludes with the Eve Taylor Express facial using professional aromatherapy based skincare products selected for your specific skin type/condition., this includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, aromatic targeted serums, a masque to infuse the skin with nourishment, and concludes with a hydrating toner, firming eye gel and protecting moisturiser. The perfect treatment combination for mind, body & soul.


Blissful Escape

£60.00 (1 Hour 30 minutes)

Laying on a heated bed this treatment begins with a deeply relaxing Hot Stone massage to the back of the legs, followed by the back, neck & shoulder and uses heated stones to massage over the muscles, combined with some relaxing Swedish massage techniques.

Whilst laying down this is followed by a heavenly Indian Head Massage working on the head, face & neck which includes massage to pressure points to further relieve stress & tension, this can help to alleviate headaches, migraines & sinus pressure. This treatment will leave you feeling like you are floating on air, sheer bliss.


Soothe & Unwind

£60.00 (1 Hour 30 minutes) 

Starting with a Swedish massage to the back, neck & shoulders, next a warming mask is applied to the back containing mineralised seaweed to hydrate the skin & soothe aches & pains creating a feeling of well-being. Whilst you are cocooned in towels & blankets on the heated bed a relaxing massage is carried out to the backs of the legs. To finish a soothing facial is carried out which includes beautifully aromatic cleansers & serums, together with a hydrating masque and application of a hydrating eye gel to minimise fine lines. Skin is sealed and protected with a nourishing moisturiser together with an application of SPF and hydrating lip balm. The perfect escape to soothe & unwind both the body & mind.


Divine Destress

(1 Hour 30 minutes) 

£70.00 to include a Swedish back, neck & shoulder massage OR

£80.00 to include a Hot Stone back, neck & shoulder massage

Starting with a salt & seaweed foot scrub which is removed with comforting warm mitts, followed by a nourishing & softening shea butter foot massage. next a salt & seaweed back scrub which will aid in  detoxification, leaving the skin soft & purified, followed by your choice of either a relaxing Swedish back, neck & shoulder massage or a muscle melting Hot Stone back, neck & shoulder massage using a warmed aromatherapy massage oil, creating a soothing and relaxing effect and soothing tired, aching muscles. To conclude this treatment a revitalising & firming facial & neck treatment begins with a zesty & uplifting facial oil cleanse of the skin, followed by a deeper cleanse using a creamy lotion containing essential oils of Lavender & Jasmine to balance & harmonise the skin. Next an exfoliating scrub containing the fresh, purifying aroma of Lemongrass to gently buff & polish the skin. A application of a peel-off masque is then applied to the neck area, this will help to firm & condition the delicate skin to this area, followed by an application of a revitalising oil to the face, containing an aromatic blend of essential oils which provide comforting benefits, together with nourishing the skin & encouraging skin suppleness. A cooling & invigorating Ice Globe facial massage is carried out to the face, this treatment causes blood vessels to tighten which sends new, nutrient filled blood to the skin. Pores shrink due to the cold which provides a smoother, brighter complexion. A super hydrating eye gel is then applied to help minimise the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles around the eye area, whilst helping to revitalise & refine the skins texture. A firming serum is then applied to the skin containing a potent blend of advanced ingredients to soften the appearance of lines & wrinkles, providing a firming sensation to the skins surface. Next an intensely hydrating toner is spritzed over the skin, this anti-ageing formulation is packed with hyaluronic acid to provide supreme hydration. To seal in all of that goodness & protect the skin, an application of either a nourishing & hydrating day or night cream will be applied. Skin will be left radiant, smooth & softened.


Re-Energise & Revitalise

(2 Hours )

£75.00 to include Swedish massage OR 

£85.00 to include Hot Stone massage

The massage part of this treatment is perfect for those suffering from general body fatigue, using a blended aromatherapy oil containing Lemon, Juniper Berry, Peppermint, Cypress, Geranium & Ceedarwood to engergise the muscles & uplift the senses.

This treatment beings with a massage to the back of the legs & feet, followed by a back exfoliation using an uplifting citrus fragranced exfoliating mousse then a massage to the back, neck & shoulders. You will then be taken on an aromatic journey of the senses with the Revitalising Face & Neck facial treatment which includes cleansing of the eyes & lips, a beautifully aromatic essential oil first cleanse followed by creamy & soothing Cucumber & Lettuce deeper second cleanse using facial cleanses brushes to gentle massage the skin, stimulating blood flow & fresh nutrients to boost the skin from within. Next a fine textured exfoliator blended with a rose steamed water is applied containing Pineapple & Papaya enzymes to digest surface skin cells leaving the skin smooth, fresh & brightened. A facial massage is then carried out using a Revitialising aromatic facial oil to nourish & nurture the skin, followed by a professional strength Revitalising serum to encourage a more supple texture for a radiant revitalised complexion.  Next a deeply hydrating gel masque infused with a rose steamed water is applied containing Camelia & Aloe Vera to soothe & hydrate the skin. A thick setting Toning Mask is then applied to the neck & decollete area which will help to firm the skin to this delicate area, whilst these masques are on you may choose either a hand & arm OR a scalp massage.  Skin will be left feeling smooth, fresh & revitalised.

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